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From our client online poll:
  • 100% of those surveyed would recommend our services;
  • 100% found the written report following the consutlation helpful;
  • No-one felt they could not manage the agreed behaviour modification plan.

    The following is a small recent selection of our many testimonials:

    "Meeting Pippa and taking her advice has literally changed our lives. Murphy was out of control through no fault of his own and our method of training was having no impact at all. Given he is an extremely strong willed and intelligent dog we had an uphill battle with him.

    With Pippa's continued guidance Murphy is now a much calmer, happier dog. Life still has its challenges for him but we know have the knowledge and confidence to control these situations.

    We can't thank Pippa enough and have already recommended her services to others. - Paula and Kenny

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    "Pippa was empathetic and helpful. I feel she really observed my dog and "got him". I know we have a long journey towards a relaxed dog but feel I now have a clear plan to follow. Thanks Pippa and the team." - Julie Syme

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    "After my neighbours mentioned that they heard Woody barking while I'm out, I set up a webcam to find out the extent of the problem. It made sad viewing, Woody showed signs of anxiety within 2 minutes of being left - the barking and howling started within 8 minutes.

    I spoke with my vet as I wanted to find a certified behaviourist to make sure I got expert help; I was referred to Pippa. After a thorough assessment of Woody at home, Pippa gave me a detailed plan to follow and was at the end of the phone for advice and support whenever I needed it. The result is remarkable. Woody is now able to cope at home on his own for four hours. Working through the plan takes time and effort but it is so worth it. A happier dog and peace of mind for me. Woody and I couldn't have done it without Pippa's invaluable help." - Jane Alston

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    "I enlisted Pippa Hutchison's help when one of my three Burmese cats (two of whom are litter mates) began bullying the youngest (an unrelated cat). The youngest had become extremely anxious and was particularly nervous about entering and exiting the house given the frequency with which he was being 'ambushed' when using the cat flap. The relationship between all three cats had deteriorated badly and all were showing signs of stress, including frequent spraying.

    Pippa conducted a home visit and spent the best part of an afternoon assessing the cats' behaviour and environment. She was very understanding when discussing the problems we were having and suggested several practical things I could do to reduce the cats' (and by extension my!) stress levels. These measures did improve the situation significantly, but the youngest cat was still exhibiting signs of anxiety so I made the painful decision, in liaison with Pippa, to re-home him as we felt that this was the best means of safeguarding his welfare.

    The younger cat moved to a lovely new (sole-cat) home where he is very happy and (deservedly!) spoiled. I miss him terribly but am comforted knowing that he is free of the persecution inflicted by my other cats. The main bully, my female cat, quickly returned to her usual relaxed and charming self after her nemesis was re-homed. Her brother, however, continued to spray persistently, especially after being agitated by neighbours' cats straying into 'his' territory. Pippa liaised with my regular veterinary practice and he was prescribed a short course of medication which restored him to his usual chilled-out and affectionate self within a number of weeks.

    All three cats are now very happy, which is all I could possibly ask for.

    Pippa was incredibly supportive throughout the whole saga. She was very patient in corresponding with me, my regular vet practice, and the insurance company over the months it took to resolve the situation. I am incredibly grateful for her support and could not recommend the services of Positive Imprint highly enough." - Sarah Johnsen

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    "I was recommended the services of Positive Imprint via my vet, my overall experience has been very good and positive, the written report helped me better understand the advice and instructions and is good to refer to. I saw an improvement with Hector's behaviour as the days progressed, Pippa comes across very professional, approachable and helpful, I am looking forward to hearing advice and comments as we move forward with Hectors training." - Mr & Mrs Farquhar

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